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You may already be a filmmaker, or you may aspire to be one… To give you the best start in Montréal we’ve gathered some important information to get you going.

Quebec has a thriving film industry, the Quebec Film Sourcebook provides you with an incredible insight into the world you will be entering. They have visual effects studios, animation studios, stages, crew, and so much more, it’s worth looking through to see what is already available in the region.

To get the most out of filming in Montréal, you should register your project. This will allow you to request any information you may need to go ahead with your project such as; filming locations, film studios, permits, licensing, tax benefits etc. To see how Quebec’s film incentives and tax credits might work for your production, you can use the sample tax credit calculator.

You can also check out a comprehensive list of industry resources. Here you can find accommodation, lawyers, catering, accountants and multimedia experiences among many, many others. If that isn’t enough, here’s a list of industry links to overload you with information.

Raindance Montreal hold some great networking events for filmmakers in the city, and Main Film, an artist-run centre for independent filmmakers, host workshops and events. For more advice and information, Telefilm Canada have some great funds and programs as well as festivals and markets which are well worth having a browse through.


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