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Interested in starting up a business or moving your business to Montréal?

We’re not surprised, the wealth of creativity in the city is phenomenal. Many companies have brought their business to the city of Montréal, and they are thriving, there are also plenty of tax benefits for digital media companies!

We can direct you towards useful resources which will help to inform you before you make any big decisions.

As a business person, you may have already made the decision to re-locate yourself to Montreal, but if you aren’t completely convinced, here are a few facts that might send you over the edge.

  • The city is a breeding ground for talent, with over 170,000 university students
  • Montréal has the most competitive operating costs in North America
  • Montréal is a 90-minute flight from New York and Boston
  • It has direct access to the North American Market

There are plenty more reasons why you should consider Greater Montréal for your business here.

Montréal International, the economic driver for Greater Montréal, offers many resources for businesses setting up in the city, as well as advice for people wishing to move to, and live in Montréal.

If you want advice on starting your business, National Bank offer some great support to entrepreneurs, they also have information on business financing, as well as support for newcomers to Canada.

Planning to move a subsidiary to Montréal? Investissement Quebec have the advisory skills to help get your project off the ground. See how well it worked out for Warner Bros. Games

Starting up or moving your business to a thriving, multicultural and creative hub like Montréal is an exciting prospect. To see what the competition is like, you should take a look at the Quebec Film Sourcebook, as you can see who is selling what, where and how! It is also important to look at those companies in similar industries to the one you are interested in.

App development is intrinsically linked to digital content production companies, and by working together, something amazing could be created.


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