The Production Manager is responsible for the internal day-to-day operations of one or more shows, overseeing everything from ingest to delivery across all departments.

For this role, you will need to:

  • Have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of filmmaking processes.
  • Have the ability to communicate effectively with senior personnel, as well as technical and creative staff, in all facets of production process.
  • Have strong leadership skills
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrate a sense of production pacing to maintain schedules but provides a calm, collaborative ‘we can do this’ vibe to the teams below and above them.
  • Able to create a vision of the big picture, while getting done whatever is needed to meet objectives.


The Production Manager is responsible for the internal day-to-day operations of one or more shows, overseeing everything from ingest to delivery across all departments.

The Production Manager will provide schedules and resourcing plans that create an on-time and on-budget delivery and is responsible for balancing resource needs across the multiple shows that they oversee.

The Production Manager works with the crews to ensure they have what they need to successfully deliver the highest quality images to our clients. They will also be involved in high-level studio show-to-show planning, studio workflow and are responsible for helping to create and nurture an artist-focused collaborative environment.

This position reports directly to the Head of Production, but will be managed and tasked on a show level by the VFX Producer. Their principal duties and responsibilities include;

  • Working as a collaborative team with the VFX Producer, Jnr Coordinator and PA to manage multiple projects through the studio.
  • Creating master schedules under the guidance of the VFX Producer and updating schedules and resourcing as needed.
  • Keeping a proactive view to creative and technical challenges that may impact schedule and budgets and informs the VFX Producer, providing potential solutions.
  • Ensures schedules, tasking and project constraints are communicated to the artists and supervisors, working with them to define specific development and resource specifications needed to complete the project.
  • Knows the skillset of the team to be able to pivot and re-task when challenges and work overload become apparent.
  • Ensures departments scheduling and tracking methods provide immediate data, tasking and status information that can be retrieved easily.
  • Provides weekly status reports to the VFX Producer and attends executive level status and staffing meetings as required.
  • Partners with the Resource Manager to effectively crew approved positions.

Will I need a qualification?

You will need experience in production, to become a production manager you will have at least completed one project as Production Manager. Having a degree in a film related field would be useful.


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